Solved SEO Mysteries Special Report!

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In this report we will be uncovering the mysteries of SEO. So what is SEO, you ask? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process in increasing the amount of traffic to your website by getting your site ranked high in the search engines. As we have all searched the web ourselves we know it’s common to look through the first 3-4 pages. This is why SEO for your site is so important. We are sure you are aware when you search for something in the search engines, you will commonly see over a million results come back. If you are not on those first 3-4 pages, you are greatly increasing your chances of failure, being like millions of other sites out there that never get noticed. Ranking on the first few pages can be done simply with SEO. It does not matter if your site has been up for only a few weeks. With a good SEO strategy this can be achieved. Our site was ranked on page 1 of Google within 3 days using some of these methods.

Search engines seek out information on what people are searching for and what websites are visited. There are millions of search engines, but they basically all have the same principles in mind when it comes to ranking. Here are some examples of what typically search engines consider when ranking a site:

• Is the keyword included in the domain name?

• Are there keywords listed in the title tag?

• Are there links pointing toward the domain name?

• Do the header tags include keywords that are related?

• Is the content on the page keyword rich?

That is just some of the many factors search engines consider when ranking a site. One thing that still remains a mystery is the Google Algorithm. This is Google’s shielded secret that is constantly changing.
Now let’s uncover the mysteries of exactly how you get Google and other search engines to notice you, and the key factors needed to execute SEO and optimize your site to the fullest.
Uncovering Indexing
Many people say to themselves, “Ok, I’ve got my site up, and I’ve got some new posts to my blog, I’m set!” WRONG! People aren’t being directed to your page because many of them are using the search engine king Google. In order for Google “spiders/bots” to find you, you need to ‘index’ with them. But don’t get us wrong, we aren’t saying that the spider and bots won’t find you sooner or later, but this slows the process when you could go to and get ‘indexed.’ You need to register if you don’t already have a Google account.

Go to ‘Add Site’ and verify you being the site owner by one of three methods:
  •  Add a meta tag from your homepage
  • Upload an HTML file to your server
  • Link to your Google Analytics account
  • When concentrating on indexing it is very important to improve your sites ranking in order to get on that much desired page 1 of Google. Here are a couple of simple but effective methods in improving your site rankings.
  • Keywords - Think of what people would type in when searching to find your site. We highly recommend that you use these words in your title, and your headlines of your site.
  • Good Content - As kindergarten as it seems it’s essential to have good content with good keywords sprinkled throughout the body. Doing this will be a big plus in the eyes of Google.
  • Links – Not only are links important, but good links are the key. You can do this by putting a link from another website into yours. The more links spreading you out like a spider’s web will make you more popular with Google.
  • Be Social - Get to know other bloggers interested in your ideas. Do this by commenting on their posts or ask for a guest post. This will help you create links going back to your site through theirs.

Indexing / Link Building Tactics

Link building is one of many valuable ways to boost your rankings in the search engines. Link building is a continuous process. You should continue to enhance and improve your links so your site gets the web traffic and attention it needs.
Back linking is a vital part of SEO methods. This could be from an incoming link to a certain website or a certain web page can link back to your site from a different site. Different types of back links are listed below:

• One way links

• Three way links

• Reciprocal links

• Theme based links

• Directory submission links

By combining one way links and directory submission links, this is a great way to get your site a better ranking in search engines.

Link building has many perks along the way for your site. With links your websites popularity will increase dramatically and you can also index the frequent visits to your site. It is crucial that you use not just links, but good quality links. By doing this you can insure a good ranking with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Just remember at the end of the day it’s the quality of the links, not the quantity of the links, which will help improve your site’s recognition to the audience. SEO experts will always emphasize on the value of good links. Another incentive to backlinks are the fact that you will be making it easy for spiders and bots to access your site.

Now we are going to be going under the microscope and look at a few methods to quickly build your site’s backlinks which will contribute to getting your page
indexed, commonly at a pretty rapid pace. And if you’re presently indexed this can further your rankings in the search engines, or cause search engines to crawl more of your pages to get more of your site indexed.


Blogs in short are merely personal websites. Traffic is increased to blogs with the help of SEO. Blogs are known not only for collecting informative information, but also communicating thoughts and ideas with others. Blogs range from politics to personal stuff like sports, movies, celebrities, and much more. A blog represents the opinions and insight from the author himself/herself. You can produce earnings through a blog considering you have to increase the amount of traffic to your page. There are a few ingredients that all blogs carry:

• Main area for content with articles listed

• Articles organized into correct categories

• Section for visitors to post comments on the articles

• Links for other related websites also known as “a blogroll”

• At least one or more feeds such as RSS, Atom, and RDF files to be accessible

Blogs help spread information to people about new products and also helps you get intel on your competitors in the market. To get your site rate up optimization is necessary. This is why SEO is so crucial with blogs.

RSS Feeds
“RSS” or Really Simple Syndication is a feed programmed to put updated content up for blog posts, videos, and podcast. When you submit your RSS feeds through blog directories such as,, and blog catalog, this allows all those spiders and bots from the search engines to crawl your blog more frequently to pick up on all your new content. It also helps with backlinking when submitting to the blog

RSS feed titles should have 50-75 characters to boost the readability. It is essential to use keywords in your title so it can be easily found when a search is being done. The title should not be solely for SEO, but merely to attract the attention of readers and by inserting keywords in the feed title more people will find your RSS and subscribe.
RSS feeds can also have an image added to help grab the audience. This is another great way to help institute brand recognition.

Pinging simply means that you are alerting the blog directories and search engines, such as Yahoo and Google, that your site or blog has been newly updated. This makes all the search engines routinely up-to-date with your site’s status. Pinging is just as, if not more, important as posting new content on your blog.
We all know that you have to have regularly added content for your blog or site to be able to be a substantial player in the world of blogging. Pinging is a great way for you to maintain your blog or site/s in little to no time.
After you have pinged your site or blog, search engines directly sends spiders and bots to crawl your site, helping you get faster indexing. This will automatically give you higher page rank. This gives you more traffic and more traffic equals more sales.
By using pinging on your site, these mega search engines find your site much easier, helping in your SEO effort.

Pay Per Click
There are many different PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising programs out on the web today, and many businesses use this method to boost traffic to their site as well as to get a better ranking on the search engines. While this is instant results in the ranking system this can also be quite costly. PPC can range into thousands of dollars a month in advertising campaigns and once you stop paying the ads are taken down.For most people the strategy is to use PPC and SEO together, PPC for the short term effect and SEO for the long haul. It is rational to use PPC initially until after a few months for the SEO to take effect. PPC will also help you find keywords you should be using to target your search engine optimizing campaign.
Using a PPC campaign can help you test a broad selection of keywords. Pay Per Click ad companies such as Overture and Google have conversion tracking tools to help you find which are the best keywords that are currently generating sales finding the most profitable keywords.

Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking has become a very popular and effective way to drive massive and targeted traffic. Social bookmarking sites have major advantages. While not counting direct or search engine visitors, this is another way of marketing your content. Search engines will most commonly use a description or a categorization from your site to better understand its content. This makes the bookmark become a great free inbound link including an anchor text with power.

Another great advantage to using social bookmarking is that there is always a chance for your page to go viral! The more you are bookmarked by users you become recommended more which in turn gets you more bookmarking. A few ways to assist this method is going to the different bookmarking services where you have signed up and submit all of your significant pages on your website. Make sure to include your deep links to your URL, keeping in mind the page based indexes. To make it simple don’t just put your main URL. You can also get other users to suggest your pages by adding widgets on each page. By doing this the readers can recommend it to others if they like what they read.
Here are 5 of the most popular social bookmarking sites that you can use to boost your site’s targeted traffic and your profits!

• Digg

• Twitter

• StumbleUpon

• Google Bookmark

• Yahoo Bookmarks


Article Writing

Writing articles is a fast and effective way to get your site out there to viewers. Each article will have a one way backlink going back and leading to your site. By placing your URL in your resource box at the bottom of your article that has been published by article directories, you generate a great deal of targeted traffic. Readers that are interested in what you have to say will more than likely click on your link to your main site in hopes to reading your other valuable content.
Over a period of time you will see hundreds of viewers a day and all the while driving your SEO. You can go to or and get articles written for about $5 a piece or profits are 100% if you write them yourself.


One critical thing you can do in your SEO efforts is forum postings. Forum postings need to be done daily in order for them to be effective. Here are a few things you will need to consider however when dealing with forums if you want to get the maximum results out for your SEO campaign.
  • Being Friendly- It is always a good approach to be friendly in any of the posts or threads you create in a forum. Making rude or obscene comments will get you nowhere and can ruin you and your site’s reputation in the long run.
  • Being Professional- When posting or making a thread in a forum you need to present professionalism at all times. By being professional and friendly you will be approached by people more often and they will know who you are.
  • Being Accurate- Many people in the forums do know there stuff and if you are inaccurate you will be called out. If so, don’t be belligerent, tell them thanks and check your facts before you post. It is very important to have accurate information!
It is important that you put your backlinks to your site in your signature. Every time you post or make a new thread your signature shows with your backlink. If people find you to be friendly, professional, and accurate they are more likely to be interested in clicking on your backlink to your site, thus creating you targeted traffic.
Press Releases

Unless you are an advanced writer and know the exact format of a press release, it is probably best for you to invest in having someone write your press release for you. Of course you will want your press release to be optimized for the search engines, so you will have to do some research on what keyword’s that are related to the topic of your site and make sure that the writer includes these keywords. Getting someone to write a proper press release will be able to include your keywords and still keep the press release newsworthiness.
A press release is to be newsworthy and stays away from excessive promotional sales. Press releases are still however persuasive, and with the right keywords will have you ranking high in search engine results.
You can easily get a press release written by going to places like and They range in price averagely from $30 - $250.

SEO Terms You Need To Know

If you are new to SEO here is some helpful information to help you along with everyday SEO language.

• Algorithm –This is a search engine’s mathematical formula used in ranking each website.

• Anchor Text – an anchor text, also referred to as a hyperlink is a text that is clickable.

• Atom - The Atom Syndication Format is an XML language used for web feeds.

• Back Links –backlinks, also known as BL’s, are links incoming to a website.

• Google Analytics – This is a free service provided by Google that producesthorough statsabout your website visitors. Here you can check the page views your website gets. You can check the quality of PPC and other paid ads. This also lets you can see your websites keyword recognition specific to a search engine, visitor’s physical location, and all other referring websites.

• HTML –(HyperText Markup Language) HTML is used for creating webpages.

• Inbound Link- This is a hyperlink to a specific page from an outside site, and that brings traffic to that page. These are essential elementsused by search engine’s algorithms to calculate the recognition of aspecific page.

• META Tags - write-up located inside the HTML for the beginning and for the end tags of a page.

• One-Way Link - A nonreciprocallink, or a link that has been acquired without any link exchange.

• Organic SEO - These are SEO tactics used for getting higher ranks in search engines andis free and unpaid.

• PPC- This stands for Pay Per Click.

• RDF – This stands for Route Definition File.

• Reciprocal Link – This is a shared link between two sites to ensure reciprocated traffic.

• RSS – This stands for Really Simple Syndication. This is a feed programmed to put updated content up for blog posts, videos, and podcast.

• SERP – This stands for Search Engine Results Page. This is the specific page in which internet user’s view after clicking the search box at any search engine.

• Three- Way Link- an agreement between two sites that point to each other.

• URL – This stands for Uniform Resource Locator. This is a World Wide Web address (http://www.Your

• XML- This stands for Extensible Markup Language.

Summary of “Solved SEO Mysteries”

In these days it takes more than just having a website, but it takes getting people to come to your website and having the skills and knowledge to make that happen. There are many competitors, but many people looking for information. You just have to know how to get yourself at an even pace with your competitors.
Getting the search engines to recognize you now will greatly pay off in the long run. After time more and more attention will come that will lead to targeted traffic. From our experiences organic traffic is best hands down.
The chances are high that before you read this report, your knowledge was very limited on SEO. The solved mysteries to SEO you have just read will provide you with much needed insight to become a better marketer. You know now how to get your pages out there, get them indexed, and how to plan your SEO campaign.
Getting the search engines to work for you and bring you much needed traffic is the least you can do for yourself in your quest to become a successful internet marketer. We hope this report has been detailed and informative and will be beneficial to you un some way, shape, or form. We wish you the best of luck.

To Your Success,
Brian and Shannon Long
BNS Marketing