Using Article Marketing As An Effective Internet Marketing Tool

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Article Marketing refers to the process of writing and publishing articles online in article directories with the aim of establishing yourself as an industry expert, obtaining quality backlinks and driving qualified traffic to your website or blog. These article directories will then present your content to thousands of website visitors, who will read through your articles and respond to your call to action.
It is important to properly craft your content to increase its visibility in the search engines. This is achieved by appropriately placing your targeted keyword phrases within the titles, sub headings, content body and resource box. Make sure that the article is keyword rich and not keyword stuffed. Keyword stuffed articles are usually rejected by the major article directories, as they sound unnatural and make it difficult for visitors to read.

Keep The Article Title Promise
An article title is a promise to the reader on what to expect when they read through your article body. Make sure that you write your content in a way that answers questions in the readers mind.
For example if your article title is “How To Make Money Online”, then your article body should contain various tips on how an individuals can generate income while working from home.
By making the article body relevant to its title and providing anticipated information for the reader, you make the reader more engaged and willing to read through the rest of your article.

Establishing Yourself As The Industry Expert
By providing your readers with quality and valuable information, you ultimately build trust and credibility in them. This makes users to click on your links in order to find out more information about you or your business.
When such visitors arrive on your site, they are likely to convert better than other forms of traffic as they would have obtained enough information from your article before coming to your site. Your article serves the purpose of preparing the user on what to expect when they arrive at your site.

Make Your Website Content Relevant
By optimizing your landing pages, and making sure that links within your published article point to a relevant page on your site, you ultimately increase the chances of the reader converting into a sale for your business.
Building relevant landing pages with relevant content will increase your website conversion rates and reduce bounce rate, which will then generate great results for your article marketing efforts and increase the overall profitability of your business.

Clearly State Your Call To Action
Whether you want the reader to download a free e-book, click on a link or subscribe to a particular service. Make sure your call to action is presented as simply as possible and encourages the reader to take the desired action.
Article marketers often obtain low click through rates and less traffic from their article marketing efforts because they fail to clearly state their call to actions at the end of the article.

Quality Backlinks For Your Website
Most article directories have a resource box where you can write more about yourself and what you do, including two backlinks to your website. These backlinks will improve the rankings of your website in the organic listings of search engines, as these backlinks are obtained from credible sites that have a high page rank.
By implementing the strategies presented in this article, you will be able to leverage the high page rank and credibility of article directories to market your expertise, product or service and business on the internet. This will make your website more visible in the search engine result pages. You will also obtain more qualified traffic to your website that will convert into customers for your business.